About Yi Xi

Yi Xi (pronounced as “Easy”) seeks to bring you the best chocolate experience from the heart of Zurich, Switzerland.

Handmade from the freshest and sustainably-sourced ingredients, Yi Xi chocolates wants to give you a sensory experience from the very moment it touches your tongue.

As it melts gently, savour the rich chocolate, Swiss cream and flavour fusions. Every box of chocolates is preciously made by hand upon order, ensuring your finest enjoyment.

The Inspiration

Yi Xi started off as a box of white Matcha chocolates made for a work bestie. After that initial inspiration and positive feedback, Bernard, the guy behind the chocolates, decided to experiment with different flavour combinations.

With all the confirmatory reviews and encouragement about the chocolates from his friends and colleagues, what was once a dream is now reality.

The Guy Behind The Chocolates

Born in Singapore, Bernard has been living in Switzerland for the last 12 years and works as a banker.

His experience in Asian and Western palate strongly influences his inspirations.

His passion for desserts has brought many sweet treats to his friends and colleagues. They will definitely continue to play an important role in these chocolate creations.

Bernard decided to share his love of chocolate and fantastic creations with more people. With this dream, Yi Xi is born.